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The Jacksonville Children's Chorus serves as a cultural beacon for the children of the Northeast Florida region, and is critical to the First Coast's future health and quality of life. By becoming a Friend, you help preserve the exceptional quality of the chorus's music education programs in our community. Your gift is an investment in our children's and our community's future.

At the start of the second decade of the 20th century, the murders blazed a path of terror through a cluster of towns along the Southern Pacific railroad line. While sources argue about the first murder connected to the case, it may have been a woman named Edna Opelousas and her three children, killed in Rayne, Louisiana, in November 1909. The next killing took place in late January 1911, when Walter Byers, his wife, and their son were hacked to death in Crowley, Louisiana. The police were somewhat used to crime happening in their largely poor part of town, but the brutality of the murders—"brained with ax," as one source put it— surprised them . A little more than four weeks later, on February 25, the murderer struck again, killing four members of the Andrus family in Lafayette, Louisiana. By then, the police began to suspect that their crimes were so similar they may have been "the work of the same terrible monster." A month later, in San Antonio, Texas, Alfred and Elizabeth Casaway were murdered in a similar fashion, along with their three children.

Young Ax - Something Wonderful / Listen Up!Young Ax - Something Wonderful / Listen Up!Young Ax - Something Wonderful / Listen Up!Young Ax - Something Wonderful / Listen Up!